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Voices of Integrity

Calls for urgent action and change from the frontline of the climate crisis

During the early hours of the COP27 closing plenary, the Pakistan delegation expressed their concern over the deficit and lack of progress in the formulation of National Adaptation Plans which are crucial for vulnerable countries to cope with climate impacts. 

During the early hours of the COP27 closing plenary, the Antigua and Barbuda delegation stated that the Loss and Damage fund will remain a ‘lifeboat in a brewing hurricane’ unless parties come together to establish clear implementation mechanisms. 

During the early hours of the COP27 closing plenary, the Tuvalu delegation delivered an emotional testimony that COP27 was a missed opportunity for a ‘successful COP’, as it failed to sufficiently respond to the call of people affected by climate disasters such as sea level rise. 

During the early hours of the COP27 closing plenary, the delegation from Maldives emphasized that COP27 failed to bridge adaptation and mitigation gaps. They also had on display a Climate Clock that showed the number of years left before the world goes over the 1.5°C tipping point. 

During the early hours of the COP27 closing plenary, the Marshall Islands delegation emphasized that COP27 outcomes are not enough to fully compensate loss and damage and in keeping the 1.5°C goal alive due to unclear commitments in phasing out fossil fuels

In this documentary, smallholder women and men farmers in Bukidnon in northern Mindanao, Philippines share their stories and experiences in the corn industry that supplies animal feeds, laying bare the socio-economic vulnerabilities in their communities. Their reflections reaffirm the transition potential of food systems towards agroecology through culture-based actions.

The Caravan of Hope entitled “We are in this together” led by JCED-Malawi recently wrapped up its journey to climate vulnerable communities. The Caravan is an effort to capture climate stories and ring “code red for humanity” alarm bells, bringing to attention the impacts of climate-induced disasters in Southern Malawi, and amplifying voices from the margins towards COP28.

In commemoration of the Season of Creation 2023, JCED-Malawi highlights faith voices seeking justice, reconciliation and healing for people affected with climate change.

Ecojesuit organized a Philippine conversation on COP28 to listen to the voices in the Philippines who engage with the COP process and understand the story from the Philippines that can be brought to the global dialogue. Ecojesuit Global Coordinator Pedro Walpole SJ shared a global overview with the COPehan participants and the calls for COP28 and a hope-based advocacy, also hoping that this process can be encouraged in other partners of Ecojesuit in other parts of the world.