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Tasintha Stories of Transformation

This Bulletin is part of the Jesuit Centre for Ecology and Development’s (JCED) Climate Storytelling and Advocacy Programme to capture and amplify the stories and voices of frontline communities affected by the climate crisis. It features women, young people, children and farmers who are most vulnerable and affected by climate change: sharing their stories of resilience and hope in the face of this climate emergency. The Tasintha Stories Bulletin reintroduces the concept of our Tasintha Mlimi Project and its goals to build resilience, empower climate vulnerable small-scale farmers, and most significantly, transform lives at margins.

Caravan of Hope Report: Voices from the Frontline 2023 Series

JCED during the Caravan of Hope captured and raised awareness on some of these climate realities through the eco-immersion experiences, listening sessions and community ARTivations in visited frontline communities that were affected by Cyclone Freddy. As part of the “Voices from the Frontline 2023 Series”, this report shares stories and voices of women and children and how they are impacted by the climate crisis.

Guide to COP28

COP gatherings may not be easy to understand. Read the COP guide prepared by the Jesuit European Social Centre (JESC), the Jesuit Centre for Faith and Justice (JCFJ), and Jesuit Missions Britain, to grasp the basics, namely why this COP is so important, terms often used in the current climate discussion, and the Jesuit hopes for the conference. The guide is also available in Italian, Polish, and German

Transforming Sub-Saharan Africa towards inclusive and climate sensitive food sovereign region: 'Building back better for food sovereignty'

As part of its work to influence policies and to promote African solutions for food sovereignty, the Jesuit Justice Ecology Network of Africa (JENA) sought to understand the salient issues affecting Africa’s food sovereignty drawing from past interventions and lessons learnt to inform the way forward. JENA’s work cuts across Central Africa; North West Africa; West Africa; Eastern Africa; and Madagascar. JENA’s drive and conviction is from the increasing evidence of alarming levels of food in-sovereignty and other aspects of human life in the continent which are largely driven by disasters related to climate change.

COP28 Position Paper​

This position paper of JESC, JCFJ, and Jesuit Missions UK, focuses on three areas of change which this COP must consider. Firstly, it is critical to stand by our friends in the Global South by pressing for progress on Loss and Damage. Secondly, it is important that both policy-level and consumer-level change must be considered so that important issues of food systems can be addressed. Finally COP28 must prepare for the future as global warming becomes more of a reality. The position paper is also available in ItalianPolish, and German. 

Act now - Write to your elected representatives

How can you act for change from your home? JESC, JCFC, and Jesuit Missions UK invites you to take the simple action of writing to your elected government representatives. Copy and paste the template letter below and email or post it to your Government, Member of Parliament, European Union MEP or COP28 Envoy, to ask for strong action at COP28. If you receive a reply, get in touch with 

Laudate Deum: Advocacy towards COP28

Pope Francis’s Laudate Deum exhortation, released just a few weeks before COP28, calls on governments and other stakeholders to step forward and responsibly address the climate emergency to mitigate and eventually reverse this truly global crisis afflicting God’s beloved creation and our poorest sisters and brothers. In this document prepared by the Laudato Si’ Action Platforms (LSAP) in collaboration with Laudato Si’ Movement and Caritas Internationalis, six key advocacy topics are elaborated to urgently bring attention to national governments and international bodies. 


Promotio Iustitiae: Cries of the forests and air, water, land, and the poor

The cries of the forests and air, water, land, and the poor are the focus of the latest issues of Promotio Iustitiae (PI), a journal published by the Secretariat for Social Justice and Ecology (SJES) of the Society of Jesus since 1977. In the latest issues, Fifteen authors share their views, reflections, actions, and the diverse experiences and geopolitical contexts particularly in three ‘lungs’ of the earth – the Amazon (Brazil, Colombia), Congo Basin (DRC, Cameroon, and Kenya) and the Asian forests (India, Philippines), as well as Boreal regions.  

Read the latest issues of PI here: 132, 133, 134.