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Ecojesuit@COP26 is an online platform to encourage learning, and develop meaningful and collaborative engagement towards COP26, the annual United Nations Climate Change Conference to be held in Glasgow, UK, from 1-12 November. Negotiations around the Paris Agreement have lagged since the Paris Agreement was signed in COP21, bringing greater urgency for local-global collaborations as we face a critical tipping point. Communities, organizations, schools, universities, networks, social centers, and all those who desire greater climate ambition, are invited to engage by:

  1. Sharing existing or original stories, articles, reflections, news, reports about COP26 or climate action in any language
  2. Posing questions or starting discussions in the Forums section
  3. Proposing collaborations or informing others of events/engagements that can be promoted through our calendar
  4. Subscribing to our bi-monthly newsletter for updates on the COP process, and related resources