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Ecojesuit for Climate Justice:

What are the challenges and possibilities for COP29?

Image source: “Facing the Waves” by Raiza Javier
The New Collective Quantified Goal on Climate Finance (NCQG)

Ensure that the NCQG has "a clear pathway for the scale-up and improved mechanisms to ensure delivery", and is aligned with the principles of common but differentiated responsibilities (CBDR).

Formulation of new Nationally Determined Contributions (NDCs)

The new set of NDCs by 2025 must be aligned with the outcomes of the first Global Stocktake Agreement, lays out concrete step to meet emission reduction targets, and in line with the 1.5 goal while "recognizing principles of equity and human rights."

The Global Goal on Adaptation (GGA) Framework

Article 7 of the Paris Agreement established the GGA to enhance adaptative capacity, strengthen resilience and reduce vulnerability to climate change. The GGA or the Framework adopted in COP28 needs to be an agenda item for COP29 as the guiding star on adaptation action.

Delivering on the Loss and Damage Fund

COP28 concluded with the Loss and Damage Fund amounting to USD 792 million which is less than 1% to what vulnerable countries need. The Fund, which now has a board, needs to be operationalized as soon as possible through a long-term fundraising and resource mobilization strategy to bridge gaps.

Just Transition Work Programme (JTWP)

The JTWP aims to provide pathways for countries' just transition to a climate-resilient future through "actions that also contribute to reducing inequalities both within and between countries." Participation and inclusion mechanisms need to be set in place to scale up just transition as a key deliverable for COP30.


Faith-based groups are at the frontline of climate action. Our faith reminds us of our shared responsibility to care for creation, as highlighted by Pope Francis in Laudate Deum, “I ask everyone to accompany this pilgrimage of reconciliation with the world that is our home and to help make it more beautiful, because that commitment has to do with our personal dignity and highest values” (LD 69). 

This platform communicates stories of accompanied communities and highlights how faith brings greater awareness of the suffering of the most vulnerable and gives hope towards inclusive and better COPs. All are invited to share local to global climate justice initiatives, events, and stories in this virtual platform for faith-based engagement for inclusive COPs by:

  • Sharing articles, stories, reflections, materials, and resources on climate justice
  • Amplifying ‘voices of integrity’ at the frontline of the climate crisis calling for urgent action and change through short videos
  • Inviting others to connect with events and initiatives contributing to the call of climate justice, and
  • Encouraging collaboration between faith-based groups and civil society organizations within and beyond the Ecojesuit network.

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